Whoa. Look at all the people.


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Hi. My name’s Harry Osborn. Who are all of you? 

Hey, Harry. I’m Bruce Banner. Welcome to the school.



You’ve actually been a lot of help and I thank you for that. I think I might isolate myself for a few more days. See if I can think of anything. If you need me, I think you have my cell number. 

Yeah. Good luck, Loki.



Ditto. I offered Loki a couple ideas but none of them worked. I’ve been trying to research but nothing really comes up. 

I guess it’s just something he has to figure out on his own considering he did it in the first place… [sighs]

I guess so…


Ugh, I feel utterly useless. This isn’t exactly my area of expertise. 

Ditto. I offered Loki a couple ideas but none of them worked. I’ve been trying to research but nothing really comes up. 


thebiggreenguy replied to your post: Does Thor have his memory back yet?

Not yet… Loki, Jane, and I are trying to come up with ideas.

Goddammit. Where is Loki?

I don’t know. He’s been buried in spellbooks for the past couple days.

Confirmed Bachelor || Tony & Bruce


“It was nice to take a break. And you know, who doesn’t want to play with green goo?” Tony grinned, prodding the material quickly and watching it bend around his finger. He had had fun on this project - it was something new, and something he had never done before, and it was certainly a change. What was even more fun was trying to do it in a kitchenette. 

“You didn’t hurt me last time.” Tony stated. He cast his mind back to the last time he’d been in the suit and Bruce had let the other guy out. He had saved him, not hurt him. He had deliberately changed to help his best friend; Tony knew that the Hulk was intelligent - he wouldn’t hurt him.

"I… I guess…" Bruce fidgeted, knowing that this was true. But merely mentioning bringing out the other guy just put him on edge. He knew the logic. He had saved Tony. But Bruce woke up way too many times in the midst of destruction to have faith in the monster just yet.

"Okay.. You just.. You have to make sure not to piss him off." Bruce looked at Tony seriously. He worried for him. Tony, if you didn’t count Loki, was probably the only person he had left. After what he did, everyone wrote him off as a jerk and Bruce didn’t blame them for that.

"So, uh." he tried to push the dark thoughts away. "What did you say about Mark II?"



You’re a fabulous guesser. It didn’t work. The Jotun form scared him right out of his socks and the hammer just stayed put. None of my spell books have anything worthwhile and the one I gave Jane is being translated or something. She said it could take up to a week.

… Crap. If he can’t lift the hammer then there’s no guarantee he’d survive a bolt of lightning. So I’d probably throw that plan out of the window too. We don’t want to kill him.

Ugh, this magic stuff confuses me. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, Loki. I’ll do some research.



Unfortunately, yes.

Let me guess… Your Jotun form and the hammer didn’t work.