Bruce laughed softly and nodded a bit. “Thanks. Though you should clean up too. Don’t stay dirty.” he said, kissing her ice cream covered cheek before heading over to the bathroom. He leaned over the sink and washed his face from the ice cream, even getting some out of his hair. Bruce shook his head a bit, his face dripping as he looked up. He realized then that his shirt was also quite dirty. Bruce used the washcloth to wash the ice cream off his front as much as he could. He ended up with a large wet spot going down his chest and it uncomfortably stuck to his skin.

Well, it wasn’t like he could take off his shirt. Bruce dried his face and his neck before walking back out of the bathroom. “I’m clean.” he said, looking down at himself. “Wet, but clean.”

“I’m always dirty.” She winked at him. “The difference between you and me is that I can take a long hot shower after you leave.” She said as he walked into the back of the apartment into the bathroom. She’d cleaned off most of the counter by the time he came back out, looking uncomfortable in his shirt. “I think I have a shirt that’ll fit you.” She said happily, running into her room. She came back out with a beat up, old, men’s grey t-shirt. “Here you go. It’s old but it’s dry. Free of ice cream.” She smiled and held it out to him.

Bruce looked at the shirt, tilting his head in slight confusion. “Is that your shirt?” he raised an eyebrow in confusion before he moved to remove the damp shirt. He placed the shirt down on the back of a chair before accepting the grey t-shirt, not really caring for the ragginess.